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Hey there, I'm Jenna!

Most days you can find me on the lookout for a good daily photo to take and post on Instagram (@jenna.brisson). I am mostly known for my infectious giggle, my love of black shirts, and having 4 cats (in the least crazy cat lady way possible).  My friends would describe me as silly, kind-hearted, wise, creative and friendly. Oh, and I live in Vermont - one of the most gorgeous states ever <3



Let me be honest with you - we have 4 cats. FOUR. I know, it might be weird, that's fine - we embrace it. When I first met Mark, I had only two and planned to keep it that way until one day last summer, my coworker sent an email around the office with a photo of a tiny little orange tabby kitten.  He and his fiance were about to get married and didn't have the time to care for him - so who was I to say no?! Now that tiny kitten is a crazy 1 year old named Finn (see above), who frequents my Instagram feed with his wild personality.  THEN, this past fall a stray wandered onto our porch.  Naturally, I fed her, posted ALL over the forums and no dice - no one claimed her.  So, now we call her "PK" for porch kitty. And she now lives with us, too. Needless to say I'm an animal lover and a huge sucker.  You love your pets too? Cool, we'll totally get along.



This is my husband, Mark, over on the left. He's a wonderfully fun-loving, hilarious, dedicated, hard-working man and I'm incredibly lucky to share my days with him.  We met through mutual friends one night at a bar in downtown Burlington, went on a few dates the following few weeks, and the rest is history! We've been together for about 6 years, married for 3 and a half and going strong.  He makes daily life so fun, and for that I am  grateful.  He also enjoys vacuuming, for which I am ALSO grateful. :)

In our free time, you can find us doing a little hiking, doing a little local beer drinking, or spending time separately on each of our hobbies.  I spend LOADS of time learning more about photography, and on my daily photo project on Instagram.  Mark has spent most of this year diving into the art of woodworking, and more recently, wood turning to make wooden bowls.  For some of his work, see his instagram @wannabe_homesteader. 



"Jenna shot pictures during and after [our] proposal, which was a surprise! She was great to work with and the pictures look amazing! We would recommend her to anyone!

/  Satisfied client  /



"Don't take life too seriously -- you will never get out of it alive."

— My mantra, by the late and wise Elbert Hubbard


I aim to photograph people in all of their silly, weird, sweet, and romantic moments.

Let's get right to it - your wedding day is important. So take a look around, get to know me a bit, and if something on this site resonates with you - let me know! Let's grab a coffee, or a beer, or an ice cream and get to know each other a little more before you make any big decisions.  

If you want your photographer to know what place around town makes your favorite french fries, or to catch your expression when your favorite dance song is played during the reception, I'm your lady. If you want images of you and your maid of honor crying when you're in your dress for the first time, the groomsmen shenanigans, or your grandpa dabbing on the dance floor, those are the moments I love capturing.  I love candid, honest moments.  There are times that I will pose you during the wedding day, but what I'm searching for is the real, the raw and the emotive.  

I hope that decades from now, you and your other half can look back and smile at your wedding images because they reflect your special day together in a real, fun, silly and authentic way.


"Jenna worked for me as a second shooter in September of 2016. It was the first time I had met her in person. She showed up promptly and professionally and ready to work! The passion and drive she puts into the art of wedding photography is hard to find. She pours her heart into her work and is a perfectionist when it comes to details and the finishing touches! She treated my clients and other vendors with kindness and professionalism and helped every step of the way. My couple could not say enough great things about her! Hire her! You won't be disappointed!

/  Satisfied Photographer  /


For more insight into my daily life, check out my Instagram feed and stories -- @jenna.brisson