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Behind the lens of
Jenna Brisson Photography

 I carry my camera with kindness, curiosity and often a huge smile.

A few more random tidbits:

  1. I'm married to the coolest dude around -- his name is Mark. We just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. More on that below. 

  2. We have five fur babies. You'll see Finn, our orange tabby, and Winnie, our Dutch Shepherd mix, frequent my IG feed and stories often (a few images are below for reference :-p) 

  3.  My greatest weaknesses include good coffee, chocolate of almost any kind, and a good IPA or glass of red wine.

  4. I'm a morning person - no doubt, always. I make it a point to wake up before Mark to spend a few minutes drinking my coffee in the quiet <3

  5. In high school, I was an EMT-B - perhaps that's why it's so easy for me to keep my cool at weddings...? It's all about perspective, am I right?


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My husband is a wonderfully fun-loving, hilarious, dedicated, hard-working man and I'm incredibly lucky to share my days with him.  If you're lucky, you'll see him giving me a hand with some lighting at your reception!

We've been together for about 6 years, married for 4 and  going strong.  He makes daily life so fun, and for that I am  grateful.  He also enjoys vacuuming, for which I am ALSO grateful. :)

In our free time, you can find us doing a little hiking, doing a little local beer drinking, or spending time separately on each of our hobbies.  I spend LOADS of time learning more about photography, and also admittedly, LOADS of time on Instagram -- stop by and say hello!  



Let me be honest with you - we have 4 cats. FOUR. I know, it might be weird, that's fine - we embrace it. When I first met Mark, I had only two and planned to keep it that way but...well..oops! And as of August 2018, we also have a pup named Winnie! We are obsesssssssed. Needless to say I'm an animal lover and a huge sucker.  You love your pets too? Cool, we'll totally get along.




1. We couldn’t be happier that we chose Jenna to photograph our engagement and elopement. She was very flexible and kept everything well below our budget. She helped us feel very comfortable and we actually had fun! All of the photos we received were beautiful. They were not overly edited and really captured the feeling of the ceremony. She traveled about two hours to where we held our ceremony, arrived a little early, and took plenty of photos – even more than we originally asked for. It ended up raining on our ceremony day but she was able to adjust the lighting so the pictures look both natural and beautiful. Choosing Jenna was the best decision we could have made. - Brad + Jacqueline

2. Jenna is just so down to earth and very easy to work with. She is very responsive, and knows how to get you to be comfortable. My fiance was nervous because he would not jump at getting his photos taken. But Jenna's conversation and instruction definitely got him to relax, allow him to take the shoot at his own pace and it felt like we weren't even doing a photo shoot. She really knows what she is doing with a camera and will definitely give you some amazing photos. I also loved the fact that she kept us in the loop about logistics before our shoot, and kept in touch even after the shoot with some sneak peak photos because let's face it that is the hardest part about having professional photos taken. I would absolutely recommend her!! THANK YOU JENNA!! - Naa + Andrew

3. Jenna is the absolute best!! She is fun and pleasant to work with. Before the shoot she answered some questions we had and helped pick the perfect location for our photos. She made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera. We also loved meeting her mom, Jill, who she brought with her! We had much more fun than we had to work haha! She also delivered the gallery super fast!! We are so happy!! The whole experience was very positive <3 <3 Thanks, Jenna xoxo!!! - Maria + Doug

4. Jenna is Amazing! Had an impromptu weekend getaway in Vermont for NewYears and she was quick to respond, made it super easy and did such a fantastic job! THANK YOU Jenna!  - Haden + Nathan

5. Jenna shot pictures during and after the proposal, which was a surprise! She was great to work with and the pictures look amazing! We would recommend her to anyone! - Marko + Becca

6. Jenna is an amazing wedding photographer! Her attention to detail and technical skill put her above much of her competition! She has a style that is unique to her and only her! I'm a wedding photographer myself and brought her on to second shoot a wedding with me! I was NOT disappointed and you would not be either! My couple could not say enough great things about her after the wedding! - Hannah Barlow, fellow wedding photographer