I love your site - you seem so fun! What's the next step?

Oh I'm so flattered you like my work - thank you! The next step would be to fill out my contact form. From there, I'll set up a time to meet with you in person, or via the phone/FaceTime if you don't live in the area - I prefer to meet face to face (or, online face to online face), as I really want to get to know you and your person before the big day and answer any questions you may have.  After that, I'll send you over my contract and will ask that you sign it and return it to me with a retainer to book your date. 


How long will it take for us to receive the finished gallery of images?

It's one thing to spend 8 hours photographing someone's wedding, and it's a whole OTHER thing to choose the best images and edit them to look the absolute best that they can. It can also be a time consuming process - you don't want to rush these!  It will take me 3-6 weeks to get these back to you.  I remember how excited I was to see those photos and relive the day with Mark, so I will do my best to be quick.

Why should we hire you?

Honestly? If you don't feel that you've connected with me through browsing my site or even after we meet up for a beverage, you might not want to book me.  My ultimate goal is to connect with people so that I can photograph them in the best way possible. To do that, I need to feel like I know you a little bit - what you like, dislike, what your favorite ice cream is, etc.  If we don't jive, we might not be the best match - and that's totally fine! There are many talented and amazing wedding photographers out there and I would be happy to recommend someone else to you whose style might be a better fit.  But, if you're looking for fun, happy, easy going vibes - then I'm your gal!  Both the connections we make with our clients as photographers, and the beautiful, emotional moments we document for you on your wedding day make this one of the most fun jobs on the planet.

 It’s genuine, fun and romantic.  I laugh...um, a lot. Well, I giggle a lot - and love when people are happy and laugh right along with me.  My style leans a bit more towards the photojournalistic end of the spectrum than the standard wedding photographer side.  What does that mean? It means I’m here to document real moments.  Not perfect moments, not curated Pinterest moments (although there are some ahhhmazing ones out there!), but YOUR moments.  The good, the funny, the inappropriate, the wild and crazy and the real.  No matter how your day unfolds, I will be there to help you remember it all. Will I prompt you? Of course! There is a time and place for that in your day (especially when we capture those breathtaking portraits of the two of you).  What I won’t do is interrupt the flow of your day to capture something in a way that it didn’t organically happen.  I will be there to photograph you as you in the most beautiful light possible.  I promise. 

Lastly, my editing style adds depth, but keeps things real - because in 20 years you want to remember yourself as you were - beautiful, happy and in love. <3

How would you describe your photography style?