A Shelburne Farms Elopement

Well hello, friends! February can be a bit dreary here in Vermont, so it’s the PERFECT month to revisit a few foliage elopements and wedding recaps.  I’m so excited to share the next few posts with all of you! Let’s start off with Courtney and Kyle’s foliage Shelburne Farms elopement!

Elopement Photography at Shelburne Farms

Courtney and Kyle lucked out with the most beautiful early October evening — Mother Nature came through for us (see more on that below),  the foliage colors were on point, and the light was insanely gorgeous. To top things off, we were at Shelburne Farms — which, as many of you know, is a jaw-droppingly beautiful Vermont venue.  They now charge a site fee for photo shoots, but IMO it is always worth paying. I’ve been on location there for many other elopements, engagement sessions, and proposals — the views never cease to inspire some really gorgeous imagery. 

About the Couple

Courtney and Kyle first met working a summer job at a bagel cafe — they hit things off immediately and have been in love ever since.  In reply to one of my questionnaire prompts, they wrote “We’ve been together for 6 years and have been in love since day 1! We both knew right off, even at [that age] that what we had was really special and something we had never had with anyone else. We still feel that way today.”

When thinking about their wedding day, these two knew they wanted to cultivate a more intimate feel.  Because of that, they chose to invite only a close group of immediate friends and family. We spent the first hour together adventuring around Shelburne Farms before they exchanged vows and rings at sunset.   

Shelburne Farms Elopement Highlights:

  • Courtney and Kyle’s flexible, positive, and easy going attitude about their day. It was raining the few hours leading up to their elopement and, despite the ominous forecast, these two remained calm and went with the flow.  Luckily, the clouds parted and we were left for some gorgeous golden hour, glowy light!  
  • The personal touches that Courtney and Kyle added to their day: their ceremony took place with the views of Camel’s Hump intentionally in the background, one of their close family friends officiated the ceremony, champagne bottles were popped in celebration, and special cupcakes were ordered.  I LOVE that Courtney and Kyle were intentional about taking time for themselves to get the photos they were hoping for, and to have the ceremony exactly where and when they wanted.
  • Courtney’s nephew, who wore the CUTEST little outfit with suspenders. See below.
  • The way Kyle looked at Courtney during our two hours together — it’s just so obvious to me that these two will have a fun and thoughtful journey together in their marriage.

With that said, enjoy the images below! Courtney and Kyle – thank you again for sharing these moments with me. <3 


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