South Burlington Engagement Session - Jenna Brisson Photography

 In Home Style Engagement Session

Haleigh + Eddie

South Burlington, Vermont


She’s a storm over calm waters — with the kind of wind you want to feel against your skin, and the rain you want to dance across your lips, while catching every drop.
— -j. iron word

Happy weekend, all!

As the wedding season rapidly approaches for me, I'm doing my best to get caught up with a few blog posts from recent sessions.

The People: This morning I'm stopping by to fill you in on a recent in-home style engagement session that I photographed for these two lovebirds - please join me in congratulating Haleigh + Eddie on their recent engagement! <3

The Session: Haleigh reached out to me to schedule an in-home, casual engagement style session and I immediately LOVED the idea! Ever since Click Away this winter, I have been itching to photograph more couples indoors.  I mean, we live in Vermont where the winter takes up about half of our year, so we might as well use all of the indoor spaces available to us too, am I right?!  Luckily we had enough time that we could spend half of their session indoors, and the other half showing off not only their connection and affection for each other, but some of Vermont's awesome scenery as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy! <3 

 In Home Engagement Session - Burlington, Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography
 In Home Engagement Session - Burlington, Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography
 In Home Engagement Session - Burlington, Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography
 In Home Engagement Session - Burlington, Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography
 Engagement Session - Burlington, Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography - Vermont Wedding Photography
 In Home Engagement Session - Burlington, Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography
 In Home Engagement Session - Burlington, Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography



Snowy Vermont Engagement Session - Jenna Brisson Photography

Snowy Vermont Engagement Session

Emily & Bobby

Northern Vermont

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire; it is the time for home.
— Edith Stillwell

The People: Hi, everyone! Meet Emily and Bobby  -- I had so much fun spending a snowy afternoon with these two for their engagement session.  They're both very easy going, upbeat, happy and laugh together often, which I think is pretty obvious once you scroll the session images below. 

The Proposal: If you haven't spent much time with me yet, you should probably know that I'm an animal lover, which means that I'm always game when couples reach out to me asking if they can include their pup in their session.  Pets, especially dogs it seems in Vermont, play a huge role in our lives.  For Emily and Bobby, their pup Remy was even part of the proposal process! On Christmas morning 2017, Bobby put an engagement tag on Remy’s collar. When Emily came downstairs early Christmas morning, Emily found Bobby on one knee asking her to marry him. Such a sweet and thoughtful proposal! As you'll see below, we made sure to include Remy in their engagement session.  She helped announce Bobby's proposal to Emily, so it seemed only fitting for her to help celebrate their engagement as well  <3

The Details: Emily and Bobby spend a lot of their free time relaxing and being outdoorsy at their family camp up in northern Vermont.  Lucky for me, they've chosen that as their wedding venue as well.  With gorgeous panoramic mountain views and sentimental value, I'm not sure this location can be beat for the two of them! These two lovebirds have been spending time at camp for years now, and I love that the location continues to be a part of their story. 

While Emily and Bobby love being active and spending time in the Vermont outdoors, they also take the time to appreciate the slow and quiet moments as well.  Their perfect date night would include just the two of them on their back deck barbecuing with a beverage in hand, music playing and a campfire to end the evening together snuggling with their pup, Remy.  One of their favorite memories together is a trip they took together to a beach in Maine two summers ago.  They spent most of their time enjoying live music on the pier, exploring the beach together, and going for moonlit walks. They later snuck into the lifeguard chair and watched the pier from a distance. <3

And now for the session highlights! Emily and Bobby, thank you again! I can't wait to see how stunning you both look this September <3 


 Vermont Winter Engagement Session
 Winter Engagement Session Vermont
 Vermont Engagement Photographer
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 New England Engagement Photos
 New England Engagement Photos
 New England Engagement Photos - Jenna Brisson Photography
 Vermont Winter Engagement Photos Candid
 Vermont Winter Engagement Photos Candid
 Vermont Wedding Photos Candid
 Vermont Wedding Photos Candid - Jenna Brisson Photography
 Vermont Wedding Photos Candid
 Candid Couple Session Photography Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography
 Candid Couple Session Photography

An Intimate Vermont Elopement - Groton, Vermont

An Intimate Vermont Elopement - Groton, Vermont

An Intimate Vermont Elopement - Owl's Head Mountain - Groton, Vermont

"Let us get lost together in the wilderness of our hearts." - Alexander Bentley

MARKO + BECCA | Winter Proposal in Stowe, VT

Hello, everyone! It's that time again - I'm back to share images from a chilly, heart-melting, magical winter proposal that recently took place at Gentle Giants Sleigh & Carriage Rides in Stowe, Vermont. 


Just after the holidays, Marko got in touch with me to schedule a proposal photography session for January 13th. Later during our session, I found out that he had planned the proposal post-holidays and intentionally a few days before Becca's birthday.  How clever!

Marko and I emailed back and forth a few times and I tried to help by suggesting a few locations for the shoot -- Marko, however, had his own plan in mind! He would propose in Stowe during a horse drawn sleigh ride around the snowy grounds that Saturday.  So romantic! 

For those of you that don't live in the area, I have to tell you that the couple of weeks leading up to the proposal had been crazy crazy cold here - as in, below zero temps.  In case you missed it, my last couple's session was 8 degrees.  While it was SO super fun and amazing, I was pretty sure no one would want to take photos outside in weather any colder. Well, I was wrong -- the high temp the day of Marko's proposal was 6 degrees -- six! And to top that off, we had such an extreme snowstorm here on Saturday the 13th that we had to postpone the proposal until the next day. I'm not sure what the "feels like" temp was considering the wind chill, but I know none of us were going to take our hands out of our gloves that afternoon to check, either ;)

My friend Hilary tagged along on the day of the shoot to help out - and I was so glad to have her there!  We arrived early to the venue and introduced ourselves to Rachel, the guide for Marko and Becca's sleigh ride that day.  She kindly explained the entire setup of the trails for the sleigh ride, both when and where she'd be dropping Marko and Becca off at the site of the proposal, how long we would have before the horse looped back around to pick them up, and gave detailed directions as to how we get out to the gazebo where Marko would propose.  



After the plan was made with Rachel, Hilary and I were off walking the trail to the gazebo - we had a 3/4 mile walk out there and luckily, the trail Gentle Giants uses is conveniently located adjacent to the Stowe Bike Path.  Hilary and I arrived with plenty of time to spare so we waited anxiously just out of sight of the gazebo and trails, a bit further down the bike path.

As soon as we spotted the sleigh, we started slowly walking down the bike path towards the gazebo hoping to pass as a couple of friends out for a chilly winter afternoon walk. As we approached, Marko and Becca got out of the sleigh.  Marko led her towards the gazebo...and then all of a sudden they started down the wooded path next to the gazebo instead! Without much hesitation, I walked quickly towards them, made eye contact with Marko, and before I knew it (and before they'd gotten too far into the dark wooded path), Marko dropped onto one knee and told Becca just how much she meant to him and how he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her.  (I was just barely out of earshot so I don't know specifics, but after spending the next hour with those two I can imagine just how sweet, genuine and kind those words to Becca must have been.)

 Proposal Photography Session - Stowe, Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography

After the proposal was over, I gave the couple a few moments of privacy -- Becca obviously had no idea that a proposal was in the works! I just love that.  They were both so crazy happy.  

Once the two lovebirds were ready (and my fingers had regained a bit of feeling to them), we took a few more photos in the gazebo, and a few walking down the path nearby.

 Vermont Portrait Photography - Jenna Brisson Photography - Vermont Engagement Photos - Stowe Vermont
 Woodsy Rustic Engagement Photos - Stowe, Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography

After the short walk, Rachel was back with the sleigh to pick them up and whisk them away.  As the carriage looped the field, I ran ahead to snap a few shots of them riding by.

 Vermont Winter Proposal Session - Stowe Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography
 Gentle Giants Proposal Stowe Vermont


We met Marko and Becca back at the start of the trail.  At this point, everyone was so excited that I'm not sure any of us remembered just how chilly it was outside.  So, we just kept on keepin' on and spent a bit longer capturing some sweet moments of them together. They snuggled for me in some pretty light further down the trail, and then we walked a bit to find a cute little bridge and gorgeous mountain backdrop.

 Vermont Winter Proposal Session - Jenna Brisson Photography
 Winter Proposal Session in Stowe, Vermont

And everyone needs a shot highlighting the ring, #amIright?

 Vermont Engagement Session - Stowe Vermont Proposal Session

Last but not least, we spent some time trying to catch the last rays of sun before they ducked behind the mountains.  This covered bridge marks the start of the sleigh rides at Gentle Giants, and it was too gorgeous a spot to pass up!

 Romantic Vermont weekend getaway - Vermont couple's photography session

Well, that's a wrap, folks! Marko and Becca -- thank you so much for braving the cold and asking me to document such a special day in your lives!

**Are you, or anyone you know planning to propose to a loved one soon? If so, congratulations! If you're looking for a Vermont photographer to document the moment for you, I would love to help you with the process. Please fill out a contact form here to get in touch with me for more details.** 

xo, Jenna

 Vermont Engagement Photographer - Stowe Engagement Photography