Vermont Elopement Photography : An Insider’s Guide

Hi, friends! Jenna here. Let’s talk vermont elopement photography, intimate weddings and micro weddings shall we? First, what do I mean by “intimate” or “micro” wedding? Basically any small scale wedding event. Often intimate or micro weddings involve less than 50 guests, and elopements can be just the couple, the couple and their parents, etc. It’s whatever you make of it, but these are often the most popular terms used to describe these celebrations.

Vermont Elopements, Intimate Weddings & Micro Weddings: An Introduction

As many of my close friends and family know, this is one of my absolute favorite topics. For those of you that are new to my site: I’m Jenna, a Vermont Elopement and Wedding Photographer. My heart lies in capturing the beauty of those small, often candid, in-between moments that frame a wedding day —  a bride shaving her arms with her bridesmaids in the bathroom, a groom watching a YouTube video the day of his wedding to figure out how to tie his bow tie, one partner helping another across a snowy landscape because they forgot to bring snow boots for a March elopement in Vermont (and they’re borrowing the photographer’s boots, which are way too big for them). You know, those real, funny, emotionally raw AND beautiful moments.Trapp Family Lodge Winter ElopementCrosshaven Farm Vermont Rustic Barn WeddingTrapp Family Lodge Winter Micro Wedding

Vermont Elopement Package & Venue Ideas

I’ll begin with this disclaimer: Vermont is a state with SO MANY adorable, boutique, rustic, luxurious and beautiful small inns, b&b’s and AirBnb’s. This blog post doesn’t begin to cover them all (if it did, you’d probably be scrolling for days). So for anyone reading this, please know these are NOT the only options — they’re simply places I’ve been to, know of, or am hoping to go for future sessions. *Venues reading this: please feel free to reach out and I’ll add you to the list!

Ok, where were we? Oh yeah – venues!  Below is a small list of Inns and B&B’s that either offer elopement or micro wedding packages, or seem like a great place to cozy up post-celebration!

(click to visit their site)

Edson Hill

Stone Hill Inn

Shelburne Farms
(*no specific elopement package offered, but they have an Inn and
allow photo sessions. You can stay at the Inn, or you can simply
pay the photo session fee to elope on their property)

Hotel Vermont

The Grafton Inn

The Pitcher Inn

Mountain Top Inn & Resort

The Lilac Inn (dog friendly)
– For more dog friendly b&b options, click here.

Trapp Family Lodge

The Governor’s House

The Inn at Round Barn Farm

Crisanver House

West Hill B&B

Twin Farms (for a luxurious feel)

The Inn at WestonSummer Lakeside Elopement Photography VermontWinter Elopement Twin Farms VermontMountain View Elopement Vermont

Vermont Elopement Photography Tips and Tricks and Things to Consider:

  1. You can elope anywhere. No, you don’t have to stay at a hotel or even a b&b. You could simply elope at a cool location (Shelburne Farms, a state park, a hiking trail – see below for gallery examples) and be on your merry way, or heck – find a cool AirBnB to stay in and create your own “elopement package”. The point of eloping or hosting a micro wedding is that the day is ALL about you – what you love, what makes your relationship special. Inviting the people closest to you. So celebrate however and wherever YOU want, k?

  2. If you’re not planning an overnight stay, that’s fine too! This is simply a brainstorm list to provide ideas in case you want to include an overnight stay with your elopement session, or if you’re traveling to Vermont from out of state. Not looking to stay overnight? That’s awesome too – I’d be glad to help you brainstorm a few cool locations for your elopement.

    Shelburne Farms ElopementSnowy Winter Elopement VermontShelburne Farm Wedding PhotographyWilder Farm Inn Wedding VermontTrapp Family Lodge ElopementStowe Vermont Elopement PhotographyTwin Farms Elopement VermontWhimsy Boho Elopement Inspo Vermont

Vermont Elopement, Intimate Wedding & Micro Wedding Photography

Last but not least – let’s talk elopement photography specifics! Since elopements are one of my favorite things to document, I’ve linked below to various blog posts of real Vermont elopements that I have photographed.  Feel free to take a browse through them to use as inspo for your planning your own day!

Real Vermont Elopement Photography Galleries:

(click names to view)

Melissa & Matt: Trapp Family Lodge

Lucia and Zach: Twin Farms

Dana & Chandler: The Lilac Inn

Steph & Sam: Hotel Vermont

Imogen and Brannon: Hotel Vermont

Adventurous Elopements (w/no associated venue)

Katelyn & Kestrel: Burlington Waterfront

Courtney & Kyle: Shelburne Farms

Bill & Jay: Shelburne Farms

Owl’s Head Mountain Top Elopement

Caitlin & Derek: Stowe Pinnacle Elopement

Things to Consider:

  1. Most likely, the photographer you choose will suggest you meet up as close to sunrise or sunset as possible – often the 2-3 hours leading up to sunset. Why? This is what we call the “golden hour” – aka, the time of day when the light is creamiest and just above the horizon line. It’s flattering, and makes for amazing imagery. Photography is, after all, based entirely around quality of light. Trust your photographer with this timing to ensure you get the BEST images possible.

  2. If you’re bringing your fur fam along, don’t forget to bring a friend they are comfortable with! There will be a few moments that we need help getting your pup’s attention, and also time where we’ll just want to photograph the two of out without your furry friend. Having someone there with treats in hand is awesome!

Lastly, of course, if you’re interested in chatting details about your own Vermont elopement — please feel free to contact me! I would love to chat about your vision and help you plan your day.


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