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If you’re looking for an example of a mountain top Vermont elopement photography gallery in Stowe, Vermont, look no further! Ally and Liam’s day is up on the blog!

These two and their pup, Pinto, planned an elopement that took place at the top of the Stowe toll road on Mt. Mansfield.  Pandemic or not, Ally and Liam knew they wanted to exchange vows in an intimate setting, on a day that had sentimental meaning to them both (the 21st).  

Ally and Liam met during their freshman year of college – they were assigned a group project together and the rest was history.  In Ally and Liam’s words, “best friend, goofy, sweet” history. 

When I asked them what aspect of their lives they would freeze right now if they could, they answered “We would freeze the feeling of falling in love over and over again and the moments that make us feel like we’re 18 again. It happens every once in a while and we both love it even though it makes us cry (Liam is crying as we write this).”

A Mt. Mansfield Elopement in Stowe, Vermont

Macaulay (of Wood & Ether videography) and I met Ally and Liam at the toll road parking lot a couple of hours before sunset.  We weaved our way up the mountain road behind them and spent most of the time talking about how lucky we are that we get PAID to document moments like this, in places as beautiful as Vermont, and on top of a mountain nonetheless.

When we arrived up top, Ally gathered her bouquet from The Quiet Botanist and the surprise gift she had asked me to hide in my car for a few weeks in order to surprise Liam (she was able to track down a subway stop sign for the 1 train, 242nd Street  in NY, which was the stop Ally and Liam would ride the train together to while they were in college.)

Macaulay and I gathered our gear and quietly walked behind Ally and Liam until we found just the right spot for their ceremony.  Ally and Liam read their vows to each other while Pinto observed quietly next to them. From there, we adventured around the mountain laughing and finding epic portrait locations for the rest of our time together.

Before we wrapped things up, Ally and Liam cut their cake. Yes, they brought a cake UP the trail to their ceremony spot and I couldn’t have been more excited about it.  A mountain top elopement, a cute doggo, AND cake?! Sign me up! These two knew the way to my photographer heart. <3 

Long story short, Ally and Liam are insanely sweet, thoughtful humans and I am SO  grateful to have spent the afternoon witnessing, officiating and photographing their elopement. 

Thank you both, and congratulations again!! 

Enjoy! <3


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