"She felt like a forever friend to us and to our families."

Getting your photo taken can feel awkward, I get it. I can promise you that at least 95% of the couples I work with are also worried they’ll be weird in front of the camera. And yet? Almost all of the couples you see on my site said the very same thing to me when they booked. Hiring me as your photographer means trusting me to create a space during our time together where you’ll feel comfortable to be yourselves. My primary goal is to help you feel as comfortable as you can while being photographed so that we can create images together that represent you in the best way possible. 

So, if the below resonates with you, let's hop on a Zoom call and get to know each other! 

"But I feel awkward in front of the camera."

New England Wedding Photographer

the experience

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in           with these              .”

- Annie Leibovitz

So yes, loving my work is important, but feeling comfortable with me is equally, if not slightly more important. The more comfortable you feel, the sooner we’re able to start capturing those candid moments you hope for - the ones that make you FEEL something when you look through your album years from now. The silly moments, the serious moments, and the moments that make you, YOU. Each relationship is unique, and I want to tell your story in a way that brings back real, authentic memories of your day. 

Above is a quick clip of me photographing a local engagement session with a couple and their two pups. 

Choosing a New England wedding photographer means choosing someone to document some of the most private, emotional moments of your life.

"Jenna made the entire experience relaxing and fun! "

My clients are typically easy going, kind, and want to plan a wedding full of personalized details that are meaningful to their relationship. I work with couples who plan a beautiful wedding, but who also won’t let the wrong color napkins or a little dirt on their dress ruin their day. My couples are often animal-loving, sometimes outdoorsy humans who love hard, have fun, and enjoy life. If any of this resonates, I can’t wait to work with you! 

Each year I accept a limited number of weddings because to provide the best service possible, I need time to: get to know you during your engagement session, to draft the custom timeline you’ll receive as we plan how to photograph your day, to create resources on my blog that help you plan the most photogenic celebration that you can, design the wedding album of your dreams, and time to relax and recharge my creativity so that I’m always approaching your moments with a fresh set of eyes.