"She felt like a forever friend to us and to our families."

Here's the thing - getting your photo taken can feel awkward, I get it. It happens to the best of us (aka, almost ALL of us unless you're a model). Heck, even photographers feel awkward being photographed. My job is to make it feel awesome and fun and memorable (in the best way possible). And I promise you I’ll do just that. How? Well first of all, no super awkward and stiff poses. Ew, David (anyone?!).

I'm here to have a good time, and take beautiful, honest, candid photos in the process.

the experience

New England Wedding Photographer

 I’ll direct you through our time together, but I                 that it will be       and       and memorable in the best way. 

So yes, loving my work is important, but feeling comfortable with me is equally, if not MORE important. The sooner we become friends, the sooner we’re able to sit back, relax and capture those amazing candid moments during our time together that make you FEEL something when you look through your album years from now. The silly moments, the serious moments, and the moments that make you YOU. Each relationship is unique, and I want to tell your story in a way that brings back allllllll of the feels when you scroll through. 

Choosing a New England wedding photographer means choosing someone to document some of the most private, emotional moments of your life.

"Jenna made the entire experience relaxing and fun! "

I’m here for the easy going, laid back, kind and sometimes adventurous couples who want to have a beautiful wedding but who also won’t let the wrong color napkins or a little dirt on their dress ruin the day. My people are often animal loving, outdoorsy humans who are in it to have a good time, love hard, have FUN and enjoy life. So if any of this resonates with ya, let’s chat!

Each year I accept a limited number of weddings because booking me often means that you’re not only gaining a photographer, but a new friend too. Once you book, I’ll be here to drink beer with, send you vendor recommendations, answer timeline questions, get PUMPED when you finally choose your dress, harass you about drinking enough water, and to remind you how awesome you are on your wedding day. And then take a selfie and drink a beer with you on the dance floor before I call it quits for the night.