I aim to photograph people in all of their silly, weird, sweet, and romantic moments.



Let's get right to it - your wedding day is important. So take a look around, get to know me a bit, and if something on this site resonates with you - let me know! Let's grab a coffee, or a beer, or an ice cream and get to know each other a little more before you make any big decisions.  

If you want your photographer to know what place around town makes your favorite french fries, or to catch your expression when your favorite dance song is played during the reception, I'm your lady. If you want images of you and your maid of honor crying when you're in your dress for the first time, the groomsmen shenanigans, or your grandpa dabbing on the dance floor, those are the moments I love capturing.

I hope that decades from now, you and your other half can look back and smile at your wedding images because they reflect your special day together in a real, fun, silly and authentic way.


Meet the photog

Oh hey there, I'm Jenna! Most days you can find me on the lookout for a good daily photo to post on Instagram for my current 365 project (@jenna.brisson). I am mostly known for my infectious giggle, my love of black shirts, and having 4 cats (in the least crazy cat lady way possible).  My friends would describe me as silly, kind-hearted, wise, creative and friendly. Oh, and I live in Vermont <3

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