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Chatting with Hillary Fay, Makeup Artist

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Hillary Fay // Makeup Artist



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We all know that this year has been a whirlwind. In good and well, in weird, not so good ways too.

But through it all, everyone has seen changes & pivoted in amazing ways. Whether that’s in their personal life or in business.

So with that being said, welcome to my new wedding vendor series! I wanted to highlight the story of different individuals who are navigating through this time with innovation and hard work.

Let’s be real- planning a wedding is no joke. I thought it may be helpful for current & future clients to learn more about what they should look for when finding the vendors of their dreams.

First up is Hillary Fay, a freelance makeup artist based in Vermont.

Photo Credit: Rodeo &Amp;Amp; Co.

Photo Credit: Rodeo & Co.

Photo Credit: Lydia Sterns

Photo Credit: Lydia Sterns

What type of wedding vendor are you & how did you get started in this industry?

I am a makeup artist specializing in clean, naturally enhanced beauty for brides. Makeup has always been a passion for me, and in late 2016 I decided to further my education and work in the wedding industry! I grew up thinking I would be a wedding planner; so the industry has always been in the back of my mind.

What do couples need to know when searching to hire someone like you?

I typically just work with the bride(s), so I try to make myself accessible in places that will showcase my portfolio; i.e. Instagram & my website.

My biggest tip is to look for makeup artists who have a wide variety of professional images on a variety of faces.

PS- if their work looks photo-shopped, it probably is, be careful! Makeup artistry is definitely a “you get what you pay for” type of industry.

How has your business adjusted to working with smaller events this year? Additionally, do you offer elopement services (if relevant to your vendor type)?

Makeup is a tricky job to practice social distancing with! Based on CDC guidelines, I have updated my PPE & sanitation practices. I am confident that everyone will be safe when events are allowed to happen again.

As for smaller elopements/ events, I have customized an “Elopement Package” for brides still wanting to get the royal treatment, but won’t be having 10+ bridesmaids.

What silver lining(s) have you found business-wise during COVID?

This pandemic has given me a great amount of time to reflect on what my brand really is, and WHY I truly love doing what I do.

I’ve been able to connect with current clients, help them reschedule, build out my website further, and spend some quality time reflecting on how amazing it is that I own my own successful business before the age of 30.

I am SO thankful!

What is one thing you wish all couples knew before working with you?

I wish that brides knew that proper makeup application requires lot’s of skincare questions & prep before any kind of makeup is even applied! Even for the most natural looks, healthy looking skin prior to the application will create a long-lasting, flawless creation.

I pride myself in taking the time to hear and visualize the makeup look you dream of for your big day.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Each vendor plays their own roll in your big day. Prioritizing what is most important to you from the beginning helps with budgeting!

I always remind folks, everyone stares at the BRIDE- so her makeup best look flawless in person & in photographs. Photographs last a life time 😉

To find out more about Hillary, visit her website here.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for our next chat 😉

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