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Chatting with Wedding Vendors// Part 4: Premier Entertainment & Events, DJ

Filed in For Clients — November 27, 2019


Premier Entertainment & Events // DJ



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Part four of the wedding vendor series has arrived!

I wanted to highlight the story of different individuals who are navigating through this time with innovation and hard work.

Let’s be real- planning a wedding is no joke. I thought it may be helpful for current & future clients to learn more about what they should look for when finding the vendors of their dreams.

Part Four: Talena Companion, DJ & Owner of Premier Entertainment & Events

Photo Credit: Colette Kulig

Photo Credit: Colette Kulig

Photo Credit: Colette Kulig

Photo Credit: Colette Kulig

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What type of wedding vendor are you & how did you get started in this industry?

Wedding DJ. I started dating a DJ 🙂

What do couples need to know when searching to hire someone like you?

Find someone who’s personality you enjoy, has lots of experience and understands your vision/vibe.

How has your business adjusted to working with smaller events this year? Additionally, do you offer elopement services (if relevant to your vendor type)?

For smaller events we’ve always focused on creating the right environment. Some small groups love to dance just as much as large ones, others want an upbeat cocktail vibe and others a more relaxed space they can visit with each other in. Additionally we offer lots of alternative types of entertainment to engage with guests such as trivia, karaoke, photo booths and more.

What silver lining(s) have you found business-wise during COVID?

When couples are faced with the question to postpone or not to postpone they are challenged to really focus on what’s most important to them. I think having these conversations will lead to meaningful celebrations.

What is one thing you wish all couples knew before working with you?

That I always show up for them in any way that I can on their wedding day. There’s always an unforeseen twist or turn and I’m going to help them navigate it, we’re on a team.

To learn more about Talena, visit her website here.

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