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Chatting with Wedding Vendors // Part 3: North Country Cakes, Bakery

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North Country Cakes // Bakery


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Part three of the wedding vendor series has arrived!

I wanted to highlight the story of different individuals who are navigating through this time with innovation and hard work.

Let’s be real- planning a wedding is no joke. I thought it may be helpful for current & future clients to learn more about what they should look for when finding the vendors of their dreams.

Part 3: Nicole Maddox, Baker & Owner of North Country Cakes


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Photo Credit: Kulig Photography

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Photo Credit: Luvlens Photography

Photo Credit: LuvLens Photography


What type of wedding vendor are you & how did you get started in this industry?

Baker- I previously worked as a Pastry Chef in fine dining restaurants and customers were frequently asking me to make their wedding cakes.

Sometimes I could and sometimes it was just too busy at the restaurant, which was sad! So eventually I launched my own business part time for clients to order cakes, and it sort of skyrocketed from there!

We now offer lots of traditional and nontraditional wedding cake options, as well as a full array of desserts for all sorts of events.

What do couples need to know when searching to hire someone like you?

We have a strong crew of life-long professional chefs here, so I think where we stand out is in our emphasis on the highest quality product, made in a professional environment with the best local ingredients, and certain to look and taste perfect on your special day!

I would say it’s always important to taste the cakes or desserts wherever you decide to book- you definitely want to pick a place with desserts and flavors that make you happy!

How has your business adjusted to working with smaller events this year? Additionally, do you offer elopement services?

We have had to postpone a super high percentage of our weddings for this year, so to make it as stress-free for the couples as possible we have transferred everyone’s dates free of charge.

We do have lots of options for small cakes on a day-to-day basis at our bakery that are perfect for elopements or anyone looking to downsize as well 🙂

What silver lining(s) have you found business-wise during COVID?

Our community here has been SO supportive during this time, and that so far has been the number one best thing about the COVID situation!

However as a business, it also gave us a good kick-in-the-butt to adapt everything to an online format, and I’m happy to have spent the time on some modernization of our ordering systems!

What is one thing you wish all couples knew before working with you?

The further out you book, the better able we are to accommodate your ideas and orders!

I’ve seen a lot of sites recommend booking a cake vendor 2 months out from the wedding, but at that point we have usually booked up with deliveries or more elaborate orders, and may only be able to work on smaller or simpler cakes for pickup.

If you’re flexible though, we always have some options for desserts and small cakes at the last minute =)

A big thank you to Nicole for being a part of this series! To learn more about her services, visit here.

Stay tuned for part 4 😉

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