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A Romantic Winter Couple’s Session

Filed in Couples, Uncategorized — January 7, 2018


Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by my little blog on this chilly, sub-zero winter morning in Vermont (-15, to be exact).  Feel free to grab a hot cup of coffee (and two layers of blankets, slippers, and maybe a hat if you live up here!) while you soak in all of the cuddly, romantic goodness that is this blog post!

I’m always so excited to add another shoot on my winter schedule – us New England photographers all know that these winter months can be SO exciting since we’re booking lots of weddings and sessions for next summer, but as far as actual photography sessions go – it’s a bit of a snooze fest at times. 😉


A couple of weeks ago, Haden and Nathan contacted me for a couple’s photography session to commemorate their winter weekend away in Vermont.  I’m always so happy to have brave, willing models to venture out into the cold with me to capture some beautiful images.  And these two did NOT disappoint. The forecast for the day of their session was a high temperature of 8 degrees. 8! Yikes!

Haden wrote back quickly and we picked the perfect location!  We would meet at a popular local spot – White’s Christmas Tree Farm in Essex, VT.  During the holiday season, this place is super busy – and I can see why! They have so many beautiful trees, and their location can’t be beat – open fields and plenty of sunshine (when it decides to show!). 

Before heading to the tree farm, I made sure to bundle up! No joke, I was wearing 2 layers under my jeans and 4 layers under my warm winter jacket.  I also made sure to pack Haden and Nathan extra hand warmers, gloves, boots and hats, and I was off!

Haden and Nathan met me at the entrance to the farm, and we both sat in our car for a second or two smiling – it was SO COLD!  I bundled up, walked over to say hello and was greeted with warm and friendly smiles.  They were so refreshingly excited about the winter, perhaps because they’re both from Mississippi :-p. 


We started the session out with some casual shots — they walked, they held hands, they snuggled and laughed together. I asked Nathan to say something that would get Haden to laugh, and let me tell you – that that wasn’t any task at all for those two! It’s pretty apparent in these images, but despite the cold weather, they managed to be effortlessly playful and laughed with each other throughout the whole session. I just love that. 


After a few chilly captures, we hastily reached for those hand warmers in our pockets, and tried blowing warm air on our fingers. Once we could feel our fingers again, we moved on and Haden and Nathan were even brave enough to take their jackets off for the rest of the session! I loved their fun and energetic vibe that they brought to the farm – it made the day seem much, much warmer. 



These two jogged around in the snow to warm up, and even threw some snow up in the air for fun! They rocked this session – these photos came out so wonderfully and you can see what a good time they were having.




Haden and Nathan — I had SO so much fun working with both of you! Since it has been even colder since you’ve left Vermont, be sure to soak up all of those warmer days down in Mississippi for the rest of us still stuck here 😉 



Everyone else — stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about a surprise proposal session I’m photographing next weekend! And after that – a wintry outdoor engagement session is in the works! 



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  1. Hannah says:

    AMAZING photos and memories for this couple! GREAT WORK!

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