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Trapp Family Lodge Proposal

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 A Surprise Vermont Proposal with Mountain Views
Chelsea + Kurt
Trapp Family Lodge

Trapp Family Lodge Proposal: Well, ya’ll — originally this shoot was just a couple’s session to commemorate Chelsea and Kurt’s time together on their trip up to Vermont with their pup, Rhody.  I absolutely LOVE that couples keep asking me to include their pup in their photography sessions — it is the best and just adds to the happiness that emanates from the images.  So anyway, we started out the session by trudging through about a foot of snow for 30 minutes or so to ensure a few mountain views. All the while, we were laughing and joking about the silly things we do for great photos.  After we all decided we were ready to find a different spot (that was perhaps a bit more easy to walk to), Kurt snuck up behind me quickly and whispered “I have a ring!”. And let me tell you — I just about squealed out of excitement and had to try SO crazy hard to contain myself.  If you know me personally, I’ve been telling my friends and husband before every couple’s session lately that I hope someone proposes — and it FINALLY was happening! And honestly? Kurt could not have picked a more beautiful evening for it.  We walked down towards the platform at Trapp Family Lodge where they often hold outdoor wedding ceremonies. Chelsea and Kurt had brought a couple of nips to keep them warm during the wintry session, so they both agreed it was time to drink one of them. They both took a swig, and once the bottles were empty, Kurt was clever and pretended to drop his! Just as Chelsea was looking down at him, Kurt quickly pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him. And the rest, ladies and gents, is history.

The People: Chelsea reached out to me only a few days before their visit to Vermont, and I’m so glad she did — not only are Chelsea and Kurt an adorable couple, but they were both just SO easy to be around.  Chelsea is also a photographer, so I was nervous going into the session, but she is SO fun and kind that my nerves melted away immediately. One of my favorite moments at this session happened just after the golden hour light came out from behind the mountains — both Chelsea and I were squealing together about just how beautiful the light was and we both kept suggesting just “one more image”. Poor Kurt! 🙂

The Details: Chelsea and Kurt describe themselves as fun, easy going and happy. I could not have picked a better combination of words for those two — so perfect!  They love cozy nights at home cooking and relaxing, but equally love getting outside to hike or kayak and go on trips together. They both agreed that their favorite date night together is when Kurt cooks dinner for Chelsea at home, with some music playing and the fireplace crackling.

Enjoy! <3

Vermont Winter Proposal

Couples Session With Pet Vermont

Vermont Engagement Photographer

New England Wedding Venue

Surprise Proposal Photography Session Engagement Session Vermont Trapp Family Lodge - Jenna Brisson Photography - Romantic Vermont Proposal

Family Photography Session With Dog Vermont Jenna Brisson Photography

Romantic Vermont Engagement Session - Vermont Engagement Photographer

Vermont Couple Session Photography

Vermont Wedding Photographer Candid Romantic - Jenna Brisson Photography

Mountain Engagement Session Vermont

Candid Fun Snowy Vermont Couple Photography Session

Golden Hour Winter Couple Photography Session - New England Wedding Photographer - Jenna Brisson Photography

Romantic Vermont Couple Session

Congratulations, Chelsea and Kurt — I’m so happy for the two of you!

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  1. Dave Reall says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! What an amazing photo shoot, and of course a beautiful couple!!! What a spot to take pictures, and what memories that will be. Congratulations you 2, and may God bless you with many, many years together and a bunch of beautiful children!!

    • Jenna Brisson says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks so much for the kind words!! This was such a fun couple to work with and such a gorgeous location!


  2. Joy says:

    Just stunning and captured perfectly!

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