Intimate Winter Wedding at The Trapp Family Lodge // Melissa & Matt

Trapp Family Lodge Winter Wedding Photography

Hi, everyone! Please join me in sending one more big ol’ congrats to Matt and Melissa. These two held their wedding at The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont a few weeks ago with just 20 or so of their closest friends and family.

The pictures will speak for themselves, but our afternoon together was full of so. many. belly. laughs. It turns out there is quite a bit more snow in Stowe in late March than any of us expected (even me, the Vermonter!). I brought an extra pair of snow boots that Melissa ended up borrowing, but I can’t say they helped either of us much. The top layer of snow had melted and frozen a time or two, so it was deceivingly sturdy for a few steps…until you fell knee deep on the next stride. Even Matt’s “bustling” of his pants couldn’t keep him dry — haha!

Anyway, lucky for me Matt and Melissa seemed to enjoy every moment and easily laughed off the snowy, wet walk during their portrait session. These two have obvious chemistry and are SO comfortable around each other and quick to laugh. They are for sure my kind of people — thank you both again for sharing these moments with me <3

A little about the couple:

“Tell me a little about your personalities and interests:
Matt is very charismatic, funny, warm, silly-yet-serious, engaging and joyful. He loves spending time with loved ones, cooking for people, beer/beer industry (he’s a Cicerone, the beer equivalent to a sommelier) and playing really intellectually stimulating board games.

She’s reflective, intelligent, cute when she pouts, loving, and a joy to be around. Her silly attitude outside of work is truly one of the most enjoyable contradictions. Her work is cut throat and her job is difficult. She manages to put time in and work her best every day, and I’m consistently impressed with her knowledge about the industry as well as her tenacity to pursue what she desires.’

Please tell me about one or two of your favorite memories together:
I (Melissa) have lived in New York less than Matt and really wanted to go to Coney Island & the NY aquarium. We went one afternoon to and we didn’t know until after we arrived that the aquarium was about 90% under construction & it took us around 20 minutes to get through the whole thing. We learned that day that dip’n’dots has an xxl size you can’t get anywhere else and what a solo male seal separated from all females sounds like in mating season.

Other favorite memories are our first trip together to Phoenicia in upstate. Having time together alone in a car has been some of best times, it’s hard to be alone in New York even at home, so time in the car on road trips has been so special and our first trip we had some great conversation. While we were there we went to a great diner in town and cooked meals together and relaxed by the fire and escaped the business of the city.’ “

And with that said, enjoy! <3


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