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As COVID-19 continues to change the wedding industry landscape, I’m continually thankful that so much of my business is made up of intimate weddings and elopements. I’m so grateful that couples continue to choose me to document these moments and am excited for what this year will bring despite how it has started. Please continue reading to view some spring elopement photography and catch a glimpse into a sweet elopement with these three!

Spring Elopement Photography — Kelley and Wes (and Winston!)

Kelley and Wes asked me to document their day for many reasons — one being that the day they read their vows together was also their 10 year dating anniversary. Here are a few snippets from their couple questionnaire:

How did you and your partner meet?
”Wes and I met freshman year of college. I had become friends with a lot of his friends, but he was more quiet and I didn’t know him as well at first. He and I were in the same program, though, so we eventually got to know each other really well and became best friends…There had been rumors for years that we were a thing when we weren’t, so much so that by the time we actually were becoming a thing, no one suspected a thing! We finally got together at the end of junior year and [this] will be the 10 year anniversary of us making things official :)”

What is your favorite thing about each other?
”My favorite thing about Wes is his sense of humor and wit. When you first meet him, he can come across as really quiet, but he’s actually really funny. Our senses of humor are what first made us click so well. I also love and respect how smart he is. He has a mind for the things that don’t come as naturally to me and vice versa so I think we balance each other well. I’ve also seen a softer side of Wes since we got our doggo. He would (and does) do anything for Winston; it’s really sweet to see.”

”Kelley is motivated and practical in ways that I am sometimes lacking. We offset each other, sometimes in non-traditional ways. She is handy and more adventurous in undertaking projects than I would be. Our humor is a match and she can understand what I am thinking when others cannot.”

Describe your perfect date night together:
Great meal somewhere kind of low key. Good wine. Home and asleep relatively early since Winston will wake us up at 6:30am on the dot no matter what day of the week it is.”

If these snippets from their love story son’t pull at your heartstrings, the below images of their bernedoodle pup Winston SURE will. Kelley and Wes, thank you again for trusting me with these moments. And Winston – thank you for letting me feed you so many treats and baby talk to you for two hours.

Spring Elopement Photography: The Images!

Spring Elopement Photography 1
Spring Elopement Photography 2
Spring Elopement Photography 3
Spring Elopement Photography 4
Spring Elopement Photography 5
Spring Elopement Photography 6
Spring Elopement Photography 7
Spring Elopement Photography 8
Spring Elopement Photography 9
Spring Elopement Photography 10
Spring Elopement Photography 11
Spring Elopement Photography 12
Spring Elopement Photography 13
Spring Elopement Photography 14

If you, too, are looking to plan your own elopement – please check out my Complete Guide to Your Vermont Elopement here!

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