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Chatting with Wedding Vendors // Part 2: Lindsey Leichthammer, Event Planner

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Lindsey Leichthammer


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Part two of the wedding vendor series has arrived!

I wanted to highlight the story of different individuals who are navigating through this time with innovation and hard work.

Let’s be real- planning a wedding is no joke. I thought it may be helpful for current & future clients to learn more about what they should look for when finding the vendors of their dreams.

Part 2: Lindsey Leichthammer, Event Planner & Owner of Lindsey Leichthammer Events

Photo Credit: Ashley Largesse Photography

Photo Credit: Ashley Largesse Photography


Photo Credit: Ashley Largesse Photography

Photo Credit: Ashley Largesse Photography


What type of wedding vendor are you & how did you get started in this industry?

I am an Event Planner and Event & Catering Consultant. President of the Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals And calligrapher… I guess when you’re self employed you learn to become a jack of all trades, haha!

I began my journey in the event industry as a wide-eyed, sixteen-year-old banquet server, serving up bacon-wrapped scallops and dirty martinis at a high-end steakhouse on the beach just south of Boston. I loved watching all of the wedding guests arrive; beautiful party dresses, men in sharp suits with ties of all patterns, stuffing their cards into the card box and grabbing glasses of complimentary champagne. Eager to see who they’re sitting with for dinner and eyeing the options at the raw bar, they make their way to hug the newlyweds and give a congratulatory handshake.

Fast forward a few years, I leave my little beach town of Marshfield, Massachusetts, and head for the hills to Burlington, Vermont to attend Champlain College. I graduated from their Business program in 2010 with minors in Event Management and Marketing. I met my honey there too, April of freshman year on Bradley Street. We’ve been together ever since; 13 years, two dogs, a grand wedding and a beer brewery later… I digress.

Post grad, I have spent my time as a full-service catering, bar service and event manager. I have executed hundreds of events; from 25-person dinner parties, to 2500-person corporate celebrations, to a four-day wedding weekend for 250 New Yorkers at a summer camp in the Adirondacks. I won the “Industry Member of the Year Award” from the Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals in 2015, and became President of the Board in 2017.

I have been the person fluffing the bride’s train before she walks down the aisle, and the person on the other end of the walkie-talkie with the fire chief ensuring a smooth evacuation of a large event due to lightning and thunderstorms. I have executed efficient, timely dinner service for 450 guests, and kept a wedding party calm when Grandma needed an ambulance. I could go on – the point is, I have seen it all, and more importantly, dealt with it effectively.

What makes a good event producer is three-fold (in my opinion).

One: It’s extensive experience on the ground floor of many events. Most importantly understanding the logistics, from power distribution to potable water plans, to guest experience and the importance of ambiance.

Two: It’s having positive relationships with other event professionals and a gold-star reputation from colleagues and previous clients alike because, I assure you, it’s not for nothing.

And three: It’s about having a little humor. Because how boring if you can’t laugh a little along the way? These events are the most important days of your life. They’re going to be so exciting, amazing and filled with love and laughter – half the fun is getting there.

So there you have it. That’s my story. Give me a call, let’s talk over dirty martinis, let’s bring your event to life. You’ll have the right person behind you.

What do couples need to know when searching to hire someone like you?

Thing to consider when hiring a planner: Their portfolio is important. What is their resume? How long have the been in the industry and in what capacity? Someone who has extensive experience on the ground floor of weddings and events will assure you think of all the details.

Their reviews. Reviews or word of mouth recommendations from past clients, and colleagues. If you poll other vendors you talk to and they provide glowing reviews of a planner, it speaks volumes about their ability.

And if not most important, do you like them? You’ll have close relationship with your planner, and can form a really great bond. You want to mesh with that person, and enjoy their personality. You want to trust them. It makes the process really enjoyable.

How has your business adjusted to working with smaller events this year? Additionally, do you offer elopement services (if relevant to your vendor type)?

Yes, we have pivoted a bit. Mostly we have been helping clients- current and new- navigate postponements, and offering consultation services. I surely offer elopement services, and can help plan a really special, intimate day!

What silver lining(s) have you found business-wise during COVID?

My silver lining that I am grateful for, is having artistic abilities that I can offer as services in the meantime. Food styling for businesses needing to promote their new take out operations. Watercolor, calligraphy services and custom art for wedding and non-wedding clients. I’m lucky to have an alternate set of skills aside from planning that I can rely on.

What is one thing you wish all couples knew before working with you?

Wow, this is a tough one. I have written and now deleted about five different answers. Maybe that I’m pretty brass tacks and honest. I’m not frilly or superfluous. The goal will always be for the client to have the best possible experience, and I will always have the client’s best interest in mind. I am pragmatic and real, and I’ll make you laugh along the way. I find that’s what my clients end up enjoying most, they trust I’m giving well thought out advice, that I am reliable and confident, and make them feel at ease with a warm, caring personality.

To learn more about Lindsey, visit her website here.

Stay tuned for part three 😉

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