Mountain Top Elopement With Caitlin And Derek

Adventurous Mountain Top Elopement // Stowe, Vermont // C+D

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I’m incredibly excited to share this mountain top elopement with you! Caitlin and Derek met me in Stowe, Vermont for an incredibly special adventure elopement. The two were full of joy and energy and I feel that their images speak to this!

Adventurous Mountain Top Elopement: The Day!

Caitlin and Derek reached out to me last summer and I was lucky enough to meet them for a beverage before they had finalized any of their wedding plans. We had a great time together and it was immediately evident that not only were they were going to be great to work with, but they were so smitten with each other. They expressed how much they wanted a day that meant something to each of them and were so invested in creating a space that felt right for their relationship.

We planned their elopement hike on a Friday afternoon. That morning was rainy and dreary outside (as many of our “Spring” days in Vermont have been this year), and I was worried that they wouldn’t get an ideal sunset. In the spirit of keeping things real and honest we were prepared to embrace whatever weather came our way, but luckily for us – the clouds broke and it ended up being absolutely perfect light with a beautiful sunset.

We adventured up Stowe Pinnacle and as we reached the summit a golden glowy light was streaming through the clouds out in the distance. Immediately, we began documenting their vow exchange.

Caitlin and Derek both wrote their own vows. Out of respect for their privacy I will not share them here — but know that it took some self restraint to not burst into tears during their ceremony. The three of us were alone with the peace and quiet of a gentle wind at the top of the mountain. Their words were beautiful, and I am honored to have been witness to them. And, on top of being their elopement photographer — I was asked to be their temporary officiant. It was really such a special afternoon.

Okay, enough blabbering from me — please enjoy the images below! Caitlin and Derek — thank you both for trusting me to photograph this mountain top elopement for you. As you know, I had a wonderful time.

A Mountain Top Elopement: The Images!

Mountain Top Elopement 1
Mountain Top Elopement 2
Mountain Top Elopement 3
Mountain Top Elopement 4
Mountain Top Elopement 5
Mountain Top Elopement 6
Mountain Top Elopement 7
Mountain Top Elopement 8
Mountain Top Elopement 9
Mountain Top Elopement 10
Mountain Top Elopement 11
Mountain Top Elopement 12
Mountain Top Elopement 13
Mountain Top Elopement 14

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