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A Timeless Basin Harbor Wedding // L & H

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Today I’m back on the blog with the story and images from Lexie and Hunter’s springtime Basin Harbor wedding. These two planned a romantic celebration on the shores of Lake Champlain at one of Vermont’s most inclusive lakeside venues. Their springtime Basin Harbor wedding was full of cool blue hues, classic attire, and a full dance floor. Peek at their story and images below!

A Basin Harbor Wedding: The Couple!

Lexie and Hunter’s love story starts back during their college years. They attended the same school and, although they never dated, they had similar friend groups and knew each other. Fast forward five years after graduating and Hunter’s instagram profile popped up as a suggested follow for Lexie. “Naturally,” she said, “I followed him…and slid into his DMs.” They soon found themselves communicating all summer, exchanged numbers, and planned a trip for Lexie to visit Hunter over Labor Day weekend. The rest is sweet, adorable history.

I have no doubt that you’ll be able to tell in their sneak peeks below, but these two just adore each other and their personalities complement one another’s perfectly. However, if you need further proof, I’ll leave you with this: When asked to name their favorite qualities about each other, they responded with the following statements.

Lexie: “I have a lot of favorite things about Hunter, but if I had to choose one, it would be how caring he is. Which sounds cliché but its true! I had never met someone who is happy just seeing me happy. He goes above and beyond for me always.”

Hunter: “My favorite thing about Lexie is her ability to trust me enough to be her true self around me. She has a very goofy and silly personality, and is not afraid to sing at moments notice or bust into a dance move. From the moment we started dating, we both felt like we were able to be ourselves around each other. Something I had never felt before.”

Basin Harbor Wedding Day: May 30, 2021

When Lexie first reached out in March of 2019, we hit it off immediately and I was so excited to document their original Basin Harbor wedding date of 6/27/20.  This venue is exceptionally special to the couple, as Hunter’s family has spent many summers together vacationing on the property. Lexie and Hunter couldn’t help but immediately envision their nuptials taking place there.

However, as we all know, many events were postponed in 2020 and these two ended up rescheduling their wedding date for May 30, 2021.  Despite a stressful winter of unknowns, these two were able to have the most beautiful Basin Harbor wedding celebration.

Lexie And Hunter Portraits 66

As if rescheduling a wedding during a pandemic wasn’t stressful enough, the week leading up to Lexie and Hunter’s wedding day showed a chance of rain that lingered in the forecast as the day approached. Lexie and I kept in touch, and I did all I could to lift her spirits as the day grew closer. The good news? Despite a little light rain that held on for most of the day, Basin Harbor is an incredible venue to host a wedding in such weather. Basin Harbor is known for their incredible porches and beautiful buildings on the property, many with large overhangs covered in Ivy. So, although we did end up with a little drizzle for Lexie and Hunter’s wedding day, I am so happy that you can hardly tell in their gallery.

Lexie’s color scheme centered around the delicate blues, soft whites, and muted violets of a hydrangea, and the sensational arrangements by Clayton Floral delivered the perfect vision for their day. Basin Harbor was not only the venue host, but they provided the catering, as well as a beautifully decorated blue-toned cake featuring hydrangeas to match the theme. The bridesmaids’ hair was done by Bailee Montgomery and makeup by Tiffany Martin.

When it was time to party with the band, The Marsels kept the beautiful sailcloth tent alive with energy the entire night. (So much so, that I think we all completely forgot about the light rain that was lingering outside.) Other vendors included: a gown by Jenny Yoo, bridesmaid dresses by Dessy, bridal shoes by Nina, wedding bands from David S. Diamonds, groomsmen attire by Generation Tux, invites by Rebecca Green Design, videography by NST Pictures, second photographer Danielle Allendorf, and the ceremony was performed and officiated by Rachel Stone, Hunter’s aunt.

A Basin Harbor Wedding: The Images!

And now, it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for – the images! Lexie and Hunter, CONGRATULATIONS again! If a pandemic postponement AND a rainy wedding day can’t get you down, I just know that you two are going to crush anything else that comes your way. Everyone, please join me in wishing these two the absolute best as they start creating new memories together as Mr. and Mrs.!

Basin Harbor Wedding Details 2
Basin Harbor Wedding Ceremony Five

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