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Surprise Proposal Photography Burlington, Vermont

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Blake and Molly
June 30, 2018
Lone Rock Point
Surprise Proposal Photography in Burlington, Vermont

Well, life is ever changing but I will always find a constant and comfort in your love…””

— The Avett Brothers

Well hello friends! Long time, no…blog? 🙂 . Mark and I just returned from a week long adventure vacationing in Colorado.  We had a blast, but I am so glad to be home and SO excited to be diving head first into my two busiest months of the 2018 wedding season. I cannot wait to see what my couples have in store!

Before we get to any more weddings though, I absolutely HAVE to share this surprise proposal photography session from a few weeks ago.  Blake reached out to me in advance to plan this romantic surprise for Molly and he could not have been more intentional with the planning process and details. Sometimes I help plan the location and the timing, but Blake already had the details mapped out! And not only was the proposal a surprise, but their entire weekend trip to Vermont was a complete surprise to Molly.

The Details:

 We’d meet at Lone Rock Point . I would be there early with Mark pretending to take photographs of him, and then once Blake and I made eye contact he would get out the ring and ask Molly to marry him!  Luckily, we ended up being the only people at the point that day — it was perfect.

The People:

Since this was entirely a surprise, Blake was the only one who was required to fill out my couple’s questionnaire — I’m so glad he took the time to do so.  His words were so incredible thoughtful and really helped me to get to know their dynamic as a couple. Here are a few snippets to set the stage:

Tell me a little about your personalities and interests: “Molly has the personality of a sunflower. Big, beautiful and loved by everyone. She teaches and likes to practice yoga, garden, paint and be outside. I am pretty enthusiastic about most things and enjoy the little things in life. Our interests are similar, good food, having fun with friends and of course the love for our son.”

Describe your perfect date night together: “I would have to say a quiet candle lit dinner at a restaurant which served pizza, oysters and beer. Just a place where we could spend time together, talk and eat great food.”

If you could freeze one aspect of your lives right now, what would that be? “This is selfish, but I would freeze us on the couch watching Netflix. It rarely happens, but when our son falls asleep early we normally have time to cuddle on the couch and watch a few episodes of whatever show we’re into at the time. It’s nice to just hold each other on the couch before getting in bed where I get way too hot to be close to Molly because I’m basically a human space heater.”

The Session:

The lighting for Blake’s proposal could NOT have been more perfect — Lake Champlain really put on a show for us that afternoon.  Once Blake and Molly arrived with their little man, I said hello as if I were a stranger and sneakily offered to take a photo of their family with one of their iPhones.  After that I continued to pretend I was taking photos of Mark as Blake hugged Molly around the waist and they talked quietly to each other. I couldn’t hear all of the words, but all of a sudden Blake pulled a red bandana out of his pocket, fumbled a bit, and I quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping away! After the session, we spend some time at a nearby cove documenting the moment for Blake and Molly, and their cute little man.

Okay, okay, I won’t keep you any longer — enjoy!

Vermont Proposal Photographer Jenna Brisson

Burlington Vermont Photographer Jenna Brisson&Amp;Nbsp;

Lone Rock Point Proposal Burlington Vermont Jenna Brisson Photography

Burlington Vermont Wedding Photographer Jenna Brisson

Lone Rock Point Photography Session Vermont&Amp;Nbsp;

Lone Rock Point Photography Session Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography

Vermont Wedding Photographer Vermont Proposal Photographer

Burlington Vermont Proposal Photography - Jenna Brisson

And congrats again, Molly and Blake! <3

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