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Vermont Engagement Session – Sunset at Shelburne Farms

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Naa and Andrew
July 8, 2018

Vermont Engagement Session
Shelburne Farms, Vermont

“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action toward your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.”

— Dr. Steve Maraboli

Happy Friday Eve, Eve friends! 😉

I’m back with another sweet, glowy sunset Vermont engagement session at Shelburne Farms (try saying that 5x in a row, eh?). Vermont summer sunsets never disappoint, that’s for sure. The gorgeous weather combined with Naa and Andrew’s amazing chemistry made for some magical photographs.

A few tidbits about the couple:

Describe your relationship vibe in three words (i.e. fun, flirty, romantic, easy going, etc): “Flirty, Thoughtful, Easy to Love and Fun”

What is your favorite thing about each other? *Please answer separately if possible*:

– Andrew: “My favorite thing about Naa is how easy it is to love her and everything about her. All the things that are important to me, she makes it a point to learn more, get involved and support me whenever necessary.”

– Naa: “My favorite thing about Andrew is how thoughtful and caring he is.  I can always count on him to put a smile on my face. I know for a fact that I will always be laughing when I’m with him. As cliche as it sounds, he knows how to make everyday special.”

Tell me a little about your personalities and interests: “We both love everything related to Marvel (The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Avengers,etc). We geek out about it. Andrew is downright hilarious. Naa is very bubbly and has been told her laughter is infectious. Andrew introduced Naa to being out on the water and every season she counts down to when we can get our boat in the water to go fishing.”

Please tell me about one or two of your favorite memories together: 

– Naa: “My favorite memory was going out on the water with Andrew for the first time. I don’t know how to swim and was definitely freaking out. The moment I was pushed into the water after climbing in the boat, I recall screaming. The moment Andrew jumped in the boat and sat down with me, I just felt calm and safe in that moment. I absolutely trusted him with my life. I knew he would be there for me and would get me in a heartbeat if anything went wrong. That was when I realized, I ABSOLUTELY trust this man and would like to have a chance at forever with him.”

– Andrew:  “Same story as going on the water but all I remember is that Naa was screaming that we were going to drown. I have to say after we took a lap on the water, and she watched me fish while learning how to fish, I recall looking at her and it made me happy that she was willing to try out one of my favorite things. Now she cannot wait till boating and fishing season starts. I knew that she was someone who will like to try out my adventures with me.”

To Naa and Andrew – thank you so much for asking me to document your engagement! I had such a great time with the two of you!

Enjoy <3

Shelburne Farms Engagement Session - Jenna Brisson Photography

Vermont Engagement Photography - Jenna Brisson - Shelburne Vermont

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Vermont Engagement Photographer - Jenna Brisson Photography

Vermont Engagement Photographer - Jenna Brisson Photography

Vermont Engagement Photographer – Jenna Brisson Photography

Engagement Ring Vermont - Jenna Brisson Photography
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