A Magical, Snowy Twin Farms Elopement in Vermont

I’m back on the blog showing off a snowy, beautiful Twin Farms elopement photography gallery from Lucia and Zack’s day in Vermont last February. We’re approaching their one year anniversary, so what better way to celebrate?!

When Lucia first reached out to me she wrote, “Our vision and core beliefs align perfectly with your style. We’re both super down to earth, no frills – just want our day to be about us…I wish all of our animals could attend but, that might be a bit much lol!” It turns out that these two have THREE doggos and I can’t even stand it. Be sure to check out Zack’s belt detail in the images below.

A Twin Farms Elopement: The Couple

Before we get to the photos, let’s do a little recap of Lucia and Zack. They two actually went to high school together but didn’t meet until Zack’s freshman year of college at a Halloween party. They describe their relationship as “easygoing, heartfelt, funny” and after spending the day with them I couldn’t agree more. I’ve listed a few other fun tidbits from their questionnaire, below.

What are your favorite things to do on the weekends together?
Our favorite thing to do is to take our dogs for hikes. Our puppies are just learning the joys of exploring and it’s so fun to watch them grow.

What is your favorite thing about each other? Please answer separately if possible.

Lucia: My favorite thing about Zack is his laid-back mentality. I have a strong personality and he balances my craziness perfectly.

Zack: Lucia always makes me laugh and is so passionate with everything she puts her mind to.

Please tell me about one or two of your favorite memories together: There are soo many! We have been together for seven years so there are too many to count. Zack proposed one month after moving into our new house in a snowstorm so it was just the two of us. We will never forget that day.

If you could freeze one aspect of your lives right now, what would that be? Such a hard question! All of it! Freeze all of our animals so they can never grow up.

A Twin Farms Elopement: The Day

I met Lucia and Zack at their rental house on the Twin Farms property early afternoon-ish. We spent a few moments chatting about our fur family members and how their experience had been so far staying at Twin Farms. For those of you who don’t know, it is a luxury hotel and spa situated on 300 acres with a pond, trails, 5 star dining and all kinds of fun amenities. Check out their Instagram – one of their rental houses has hot tub NEXT to a fireplace with gorgeous windows nearby to view the outdoors. Can it get better than that? I am unsure. I will be adding an overnight at this gorgeous place to my bucket list ASAP.

We spent the next two hours together adventuring around the property before choosing the final spot at the top of the hill where their Vermont elopement ceremony would take place. We lucked out with insanely gorgeous, glowy light that filtered its way through the ice-covered trees for most of our session and I’ve been ogling over the gallery ever since.

Lucia and Zack – Happy 1 Year Anniversary! Wishing you all the best!

TL;DR: These two animal-loving, laid back humans felt like instant friends and I am so excited to finally be sharing these images with you! Enjoy!

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